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Staff Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Phone #  School 
Heidi  Simpson  6th Grade  541-783-2338   
Parker  Hill  Teacher- English  541-783-2321   
Arianne  Gray  1st Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Bernis  Peterson  4th Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Bethany  Holmes  3rd Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Brenda   Collins  2nd Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Caitlyn  Campbell  Secretary-Payroll/Accounts Payable  541-545-6581 ext 222  Bonanza Elementary   
Crystle  Gillam  6th Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Cynthia  Kelly  Secretary  541-545-6581 ext 223  Bonanza Elementary   
Donna  Radford  ELL    Bonanza Elementary   
Erin  Northcutt  5th Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Francesca  Grounds  5th Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Heather  Wright  Elementary Vice Principal  541-545-6581 ext 228  Bonanza Elementary   
Jason  Hardrath  K-6th Grade PE     Bonanza Elementary   
Jennifer  Hayes  Elementary Principal  541-545-6581 ext 225  Bonanza Elementary   
Krystal  Guilin  3rd Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Laura  Helms  Kindergarten    Bonanza Elementary   
Lindsey  Noble  Elementary Resource Teacher  541-545-6581 ext 232  Bonanza Elementary   
Paige  Byrne  Registrar   541-545-6581 ext 222  Bonanza Elementary   
Tammy  Mattos  2nd Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Alexis  Smith  Language Arts    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Anna  Aylett  Ag Science/Forestry Teacher    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Art  Ochoa  High School Principal/Counselor 7-9th grade  541-545-6581 ext 226  Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Caitlyn  Campbell  Secretary-Payroll/Accounts Payable  541-545-6581 ext 222  Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Cynthia  Kelly  Athletic/Attendance Secretary  541-545-6581 ext 223  Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Delana   Heidrich  Language Arts/Choir    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Freddy  Maldonado  Business (CTE) - Technology - Tech Facilitator    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Heather   Wright  Vice Principal/Athletic Director/Counselor 10th-12th   541-545-6581 ext 228  Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Jamie  Carlson Lauer  Resource Teacher    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Kevin  Larsen  Math    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Larry  Morene  PE/Health/Weight Training    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Marja  Hill  Social Studies     Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Michelle  Cottier  Social Studies     Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Paige  Byrne  Registrar   541-545-6581 ext 222  Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Richard   Otto  Advanced Math     Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Rob  Nieraeth  Chemistry/Science    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Samantha  Fields  Advanced Science/Robotics     Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Valli  Lonner  Spanish    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Aaron  Von Tersch  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Adrianne  Morgan  Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Brent  Hakanson  Orchestra Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Caresse  Robertson  Choir Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Carla  Thompson  Secretary  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Charlene  Himelwright  Guidance Counselor  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Craig  Conner  Health/Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Dane  Baeth  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Diana  Masters  Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Diane  Mathis  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Greg  Rogers  Computer Education  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Jesse  Hamilton  Vice Principal/Athletic Director  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Kelly  Sprunger  Secretary  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Kjaersti  Roberts  Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Leslie  Garrett  Principal  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Lisa  Daly  ELL Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Mallory  Drake  Math Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Marlena  McPherson  Science Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Phil  Eubanks  Science Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Randy  Barleen  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Rob  Izzett  Band Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Robin  De Long  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Susan  Johnson  Speech/Language  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Terry  Trumbull  Math/Project Lead the Way/Robotics Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Todd  Pasche  Health Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Ashley  Durham  2nd Grade Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Charli  Shockley  5th Grade Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Heidi  Simpsom  6th Grade  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Janelle  Emard  Interventionist  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Jessica  Lockren-Plascencia  3rd Grade  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Megan  Walker  4th Grade Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Natalie  Rodgers  Attendance  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Norm  Barney  Physical Education Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
PJ  Gonyaw  2nd Grade Teacher  541-783-2238  Chiloquin Elementary   
Rachel   Belenfant  Kindergarten Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Rita  Hepper  Principal  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Sarah  Kayton  Band Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Spayne  Martinez  Learning Resource Center  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Tammy  Preskitt  1st Grade Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
WeDawna  Weiser-Kentta  Secretary  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Andrew  Davis  Learning Facilitator  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Cynthia  Granberg  Language Arts Teacher  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Elliot  Wedam  Teacher- Math  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
James  Lockwood  Health/ PE  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Jennifer  Dunham  Math Teacher  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Jordan   Osborn  Vice Principal and Athletic director   541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Katherine  Tripp-Carl  Teacher- Social Science's  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Leon  Carl  Teacher- PE/Health  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Nani  Diaz  Teacher- Spanish/ ELL  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Parker  Hill  Teacher- English  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Rob  Dunham  Manufacturing/ CTE Teacher  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Ron   Busby  Teacher- Klamath Language   541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Sarah  Kayton  Band and Choir Teacher  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Sarah   Rodgers  Teacher- Science  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Scott  Preston  Principal  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Suzi  Lockrem  Athletic Director Secretary  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Terri  Hanno  Secretary   541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Annalise   Milwrick  District Office Specialist II/AP  541-851-8728  Departments/
Business Services
Denise  Reid  District Accountant  541-851-8727  Departments/
Business Services
Lana  Loney  Executive Assistant/Business Services  541-851-8730  Departments/
Business Services
Misty   Phelps  District Office Specialist II/Accounts Payable  541-851-8728  Departments/
Business Services
Nancy  Drake  District Office Specialist-Payroll  541-851-8748  Departments/
Business Services
Oma  Rowley  District Office Specialist II/Accounting Clerk  541-851-8774  Departments/
Business Services
Rachel  Murray  District Office Specialist/Benefits/Technology  541-851-8733  Departments/
Business Services
Renée  Ferguson  Director of Business Services  541-851-8730  Departments/
Business Services
Tamara  Cosand  Payroll Supervisor  541-851-8757  Departments/
Business Services
Jeff  Bullock  Secondary Curriculum  541-851-8738  Departments/
Jennifer  Hawkins  Elementary Curriculum Director  541-851-8739  Departments/
Megan  Parrish  School Information System Specialist  541-851-8742  Departments/
Tia  Powell  Curriculum Secretary  541-851-8740   Departments/
Chris  Dalla  Food Services Supervisor  541-591-3372  Departments/
Food Services
Rosiland  Larsen  Secretary  541-883-5049  Departments/
Food Services
Carolyn   Sheets  Nurse   541-851-8746  Departments/
Health Services
Joey  Oswald  Nurse    Departments/
Health Services
Nichelle  Cheyne  Nurse  541-591-3158  Departments/
Health Services
Chelsey   Tyree  Executive Assistant/Human Resources  541-851-8752  Departments/
Human Resources/Employment
Dena  Hadwick  Human Resources Secretary  541-851-8753  Departments/
Human Resources/Employment
Mark  Greif  Director of Human Resources  541-851-8751  Departments/
Human Resources/Employment
Stephanie  Hudson  Receptionist/Athletics & Risk Management Secretary  541-883-5000  Departments/
Human Resources/Employment
Brad  Messman  Maintenance/Plumber    Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Carlon  McCollough  Concrete/Maintenance  541-883-5011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Darin  Martins  Custodial Supervisor  541-274-1948  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Dennis  Zullo  Maintenance Supervisor/Project Manager  541-591-4976  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Dewayne  Howard  HVAC/Maintenance  541-883-5011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Glenn  Tillery  Carpenter/Maintenance  541-883-5011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
James  Chandler  Key Maker/Electrician/Maintenance  541-883-5011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Kenny  Bland  Electrician/HVAC/Maintenance  541-883-5011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Ned   Baldwin  Maintenance/Plumber    Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Crystal  Hanseth  Printer  541-851-8756  Departments/
Print Shop
Michael  Mastro   Printer   541-851-8754  Departments/
Print Shop
Steve  Johnson  Athletic Director  541-851-8768  Departments/
Safety/Risk Management
Stephanie  Bland  Secretary    Departments/
School Board
Dr. Douglas   Smith   School Psychologist   541-885-3359 ext 221  Departments/
Special Services
Camille  Krieger   Secretary/Special Services  541-851-8760  Departments/
Special Services
JoAnne   Criss   Evaluation Specialist/Coordinator  541-885-3359 ext 224  Departments/
Special Services
Katey  Limb  YTP-Transition Specialist  541-885-3361  Departments/
Special Services
Kelly  Hirschbock  Occupational Therapist  541-883-6656  Departments/
Special Services
Kerry   Smith  Secondary Coordinator  541-885-3359 ext. 221  Departments/
Special Services
Kim  Hilyard   Occupational Therapist   541-883-6656  Departments/
Special Services
Laura  Blair   Director of Special Services  541-851-8759  Departments/
Special Services
Michelle  Vance  ECI Specialist / Private School Coordinator  541-883-4748  Departments/
Special Services
Nancy  Densen  Principal  541-885-3361  Departments/
Special Services
Randy  Denson  Transitions Teacher  541-885-3361  Departments/
Special Services
Salli  Zavala  Sped Coordinator/Assessment Team Secretary  541-851-8722  Departments/
Special Services
Teri  deGroot  Evaluation Specialist/Coordinator  541-851-8773  Departments/
Special Services
Glen  Szymoniak  Superintendent  541-851-8766  Departments/
Marcia  Schlottmann  Grant Coordinator/Public Relations  541-851-8743  Departments/
Stephanie   Bland  Executive Assistant/Superintendent and Board of Directors  541-851-8767  Departments/
Denise  Swingle  Elementary Teacher Mentor  541-851-8764  Departments/
Teaching/Learning Support
Heather  Pearson  Secondary Teacher Mentor/Collaboration Grant Coordinator  541-851-8771  Departments/
Teaching/Learning Support
Jeff  Sparks  TAG Coordinator  541-883-5058  Departments/
Teaching/Learning Support
Mary  Mateos  Title Grants/ELD Coordinator  541-851-8763  Departments/
Teaching/Learning Support
Ralph   Watah  Home/School Liaison  541-851-8741  Departments/
Teaching/Learning Support
Tammy   Ahalt  Technology Educator  541-851-8765  Departments/
Teaching/Learning Support
Vitalina  Malakar  Home School Liaison  541-891-8367  Departments/
Teaching/Learning Support
William  Utley  Social Worker  541-851-8762  Departments/
Teaching/Learning Support
Christian  Hernandez  Computer Technician  541-851-8737  Departments/
Tech Support/Services
Jeffrey  Ray  Computer Technician    Departments/
Tech Support/Services
Kevin  Lakey  Computer Technician  541-851-8731  Departments/
Tech Support/Services
Kiran   Malakar  Technology Coordinator/Network Systems Manager  541-851-8734  Departments/
Tech Support/Services
Mark   Teel Jr.  Lead Computer Technician   541-851-8736  Departments/
Tech Support/Services
Rachel  Murray  Secretary    Departments/
Tech Support/Services
Cecil  Hard  Mechanic  541-883-5013  Departments/
Darryl  Haney  Mechanic  541-883-5013  Departments/
Melissa  Adkisson  Secretary  541-883-5013  Departments/
Paul  Gardner  Mechanic  541-883-5013  Departments/
Shawn   Snoozy  Supervisor   541-892-1080  Departments/
Wayne  Bollinger  Mechanic  541-883-5013  Departments/
Chris  Asbridge  Attendant  541-883-5010  Departments/
Jimmy  Crook  Truck Driver  541-883-5010  Departments/
Melissa  Rowland  Warehouse Supervisor   541-851-8785  Departments/
Alex  Stork  GED  541-883-6699 ext. 231  Falcon Heights Academy   
Allison   Brosterhous  Secondary Homeschool Teacher  541-883-6699 ext. 236  Falcon Heights Academy   
Booie   Mauch  Academic Advisor  541-883-6699 ext. 224  Falcon Heights Academy   
Brad  Keffer  Prevention Specialist  541-883-6699  Falcon Heights Academy   
Cassie  Scott  Secretary  541-883-6699 ext. 222  Falcon Heights Academy   
Debbie   Gardner  Secretary/Registrar  541-883-6699 ext. 221  Falcon Heights Academy   
Don  Scott  Math  541-883-6699 ext. 226  Falcon Heights Academy   
Joe  Tacchini  Principal  541-883-6699  Falcon Heights Academy   
Katrina  Myers  Language Arts  541-883-6699 ext. 228  Falcon Heights Academy   
Laurie  Edmonds  Elementary Homeschool Teacher  541-883-6699 ext. 237  Falcon Heights Academy   
Michelle  Pine  LRC  541-883-6699 ext. 242  Falcon Heights Academy   
Pete  Whisler  Classified Tutor  541-883-6699  Falcon Heights Academy   
Steve  Siders  Physical Education/Health  541-883-6699 ext. 225  Falcon Heights Academy   
Wayne  Amos  Attendance  541-883-6699  Falcon Heights Academy   
Alyssa  Jones  2nd Grade Teacher  541 883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Andrea  Lassett  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5036   Ferguson Elementary   
Angela  Lindow  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Anna  Monteil  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Ashley  Haney  1st Grade teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Cari   Patzke  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Dixie  McMurry   Special Education Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Domingo  Arriola  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Emily  Chamberland  Social Worker  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Eugenea  Campbell  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Heidi  Brookshire  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Jaime  Zakour  Speech Language Pathologist   541-883-5036   Ferguson Elementary   
Jessica  Norris  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Jill   Rawlins  Secretary  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Jodi  Beanland  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Julie  Dentinger  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Karyssa  Gomez  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Kelley  Fritz  Principal  541 883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Kerresa  Verneris  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Kevin  Bigby  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Lindsay  Thede   Special Education Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Lori   Nealy  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Margaret  McCadden  Vice Principal  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Mary  Adams  Secretary  541 883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Mary  Coons  Communication  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Mike  McKittrick  6th Grade Teahcer  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Nicole  Mills   1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Robert  Kayton  Band Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Sally  Reeves  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Sheena  Bergeron  Speech  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Shelly  Zurbrugg  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Stephanie   deVault  ELD/Intervention Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Tamera  Mueller  4th Grade teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Tonja  Weber  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Zach  Witt  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Art  Ochoa  Principal  541-545-6581  Gearhart Elementary   
Tracey  Christensen  Head Teacher  541-353-2417  Gearhart Elementary   
Allen  Laura  Sweeper    Gilchrist School   
Allie  Tibbits  1st Grade Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Amberlee  Solito  Physical Education and Health Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
April  Ganieany  Custodian  5414332295  Gilchrist School   
Brian  Wachs  Technology Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Claudine  Schlecht  2nd grade Elementary Teacher  541-433-9403  Gilchrist School   
Dana  Link  Educational Assistant  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Darla  Brandon  Social Studies Teacher/Careers & Academic Manager  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Del   Hildebrand  Bus Driver    Gilchrist School   
Devin  Harris  Mathematics Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Elizabeth  Pannel  Business and English Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Heather  Whittle  Science Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Heidii  Fettinger  7th to 12th Grade Language Arts Teachers  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Holly  Sarich  5th Grade Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Jackie  Emery  4th Grade Elementary School Teacher    Gilchrist School   
James  Anding  Elementary PE Teacher, HS PE, and Athletic Director  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Jason  Dornhecker  6th Grade Teacher  541-433-9403  Gilchrist School   
Jerri  Rimel  Special Ed Teacher Elementary & Secondary  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Judy  Newmann  Speech Language Pathologist    Gilchrist School   
Karenlynn  Lessard  Spanish Teacher    Gilchrist School   
Kari  Leedom  3rd Grade Classroom Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Lauren  Wallior  Educational Assistant     Gilchrist School   
Marie  Swartz  Head Cook    Gilchrist School   
Melanie  Mobley  Gilchrist School Vice Principal  541-433-9403  Gilchrist School   
Pat   Henkel  Assistant Cook    Gilchrist School   
Peggy  Crisp  Librarian & Educational Assistant  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Quovet   Londborg  Educational Assistant    Gilchrist School   
Rod  Ingram  Head Custodian and Maintenance  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Rosanna  Egger  Elem. & Counseling Secretary & Record Keeper  541-433-9403  Gilchrist School   
Sarah  Metzler  Educational Assistant     Gilchrist School   
Steve  Prock  Principal  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Tanna  King  High School Secretary  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Ted  Wilton  Alternate Education Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Terry  Journey  Sweeper    Gilchrist School   
Tonya  Karlowicz  Learning Facilitator  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Vali  Jaeger  Kindergarten Teacher  541-433-9403  Gilchrist School   
Vaughn  Hergenrader  Bus Driver  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Allison   Brosterhous  Secondary Homeschool Teacher  541-883-6699 ext. 236  Great Basin Homeschool Center   
Cassie  Scott  Secretary  541-883-6699 Ext. 222  Great Basin Homeschool Center   
Deb  Gardner  Secretary/Registrar  541-883-6699 ext. 221  Great Basin Homeschool Center   
Joe  Tacchini  Principal  541-883-6699  Great Basin Homeschool Center   
Laurie  Edmonds  Elementary Homeschool Teacher  541-883-6699 ext. 237  Great Basin Homeschool Center   
Amanda  Hulsey  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Amy  McGowen  6th Grade Teacher    Henley Elementary   
Ashley  West  2nd Grade  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Bob  Nieman  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Cassie  Carlisle  4th Grade Teacher    Henley Elementary   
Charity  Schmitt  ELL Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Christy   Cox  1st Grade Teacher   541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Cori  Swan  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Cristine   Blaser  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Cynthia  Fee  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Debra  Hullman  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Erin  Hanson  Vice Principal    Henley Elementary   
Gina  Brown  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Heidi  DeMatteis  5th Grade  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Janell   Preston  Principal  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Janese  Danforth  Secretary  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Jennifer  Glasscock  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Jessica  DeLonge  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Kacie  Palmer  5th Grade Teacher  5418835038  Henley Elementary   
Kay  Linman  6th Grade Teacher    Henley Elementary   
Laurie  Brink  Secretary  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Margaret   Hankins  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Meghan  Stock  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Michael  Reinstein  4th Grade Teacher    Henley Elementary   
Michelle  Langley  1st Grade  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Robert  Kayton  Music    Henley Elementary   
Ron  Best  6th Grade Teacher  5418835038  Henley Elementary   
Sonia   Gonzalez  Home School Liaison Located at Henley Elementary  541-850-0912  Henley Elementary   
Suzette  Nieraeth  5thGrade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Tiffany   Poe  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Wendi  Oates  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Adam  Randall   Math   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Andrea  Armantrout  Vice Principal  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Annette  Williams  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Becky  Graetsch  Career Pathways Advisor   541-851-8801  Henley High   
Bobbie Sue  Britton  Health/Leadership Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Brad  Smith  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Brian  Stock  Science Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Carlos  Becerra  Art Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Carly  Fullerton  Science Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Chris   Aylett   Ag Mechanics   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Chris   Benjamin   Choir   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Courtney   Toney  English Language Arts  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Damon   Langley   Mathematics  541-883-5040  Henley High   
David   Kelly   JROTC    Henley High   
Dee  Hahn  Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Dominique  Kirkpatrick   Agriculture Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Don  Perryman  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Dylan  Woodrum  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Erin   Haney   Language Arts  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Erin  Schuhmacher  Guidance Counselor  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Helena  DeJong  Science Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Jack  Lee  Principal  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Jason   Budnick   ROTC  5418835040  Henley High   
Jason   Matkins   Science Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Jennifer  Haney  Registrar/Counseling Secretary  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Jennifer  Olson  Language Arts/Theater Arts Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Jessica   Radmaker Reichardt  School Counselor    Henley High   
Jules   Tremeryn   English   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Katherine   Garvin   Band Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Kathi   Hendry  Athletic Secretary  541-851-8810  Henley High   
Kevin  Worden  Attendance Secretary  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Kristi  Lebkowsky  Science  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Linnae  Salvati  Foreign Language (Spanish) Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Luke  Hammond  Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Luke   Ovgard  Business Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Maribeth  Schwartz  Bookkeeper/Secretary  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Matt  McCadden   Special Education Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Michelle  Baker  Foreign Language   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Molly  Hepper  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Robert  Chambrose  Foreign Language (French) Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Sarah  Smith  Principal's Secretary  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Sean  Wilcox  EL Teacher  541-885-5040  Henley High   
Shannon   Carlson   English Language Arts  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Taylor   Wallace   Social Studies   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Tim   Cleland  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Tom  Loney  Vice Principal/AD  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Vanessa   Todd   Guidance Counselor  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Aleasha   Tacchini  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Becky  Fentress  Health, Foods Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Becky  Oman  Secretary  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Bobby   Mick  Physical Education and Health Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Brian   Palmer  Physical Education and Health Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Brianna   Haro  English Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Chadwick  Mahanna  English Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Chris   Benjamin  Choir Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Doug  Matheson  Science Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Gerald  Skelton  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Gina  McCuiston  English Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Heather  Pearson  Math Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Joshua   Campbell  Math Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Julie  Mann  Secretary  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Katy  Garvin  Band Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Kendra  Matkins  Science Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Kristi  Lebkowsky  Science Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Kristine  Creed  Principal  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Mark  Nevala  Science Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Mike   Kappas  Vice Principal/Athletic Director  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Rick   Beard  Math Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Rob   Crebbin  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Sean   Wilcox  EL Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Stacey   Ramirez  Guidance Counselor  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Annette  Englestadter  Speech Pathologist  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Ashley  McKay  5th grade teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Chris  Preston  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Debra  Cornelison  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Emily   Chamberland  Social Skills Learning Facilitator  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Janica  Nowak  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Melanie  Tucker  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Nora  Lomax  3rd grade teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Noreen  Rojas  Secretary  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Patty  Preston  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Reiko  Vanover  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Robert   Kayton  Band Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Sarah  Shively  Principal  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Shannon   McDonald  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Shelley  Rosser   4th Grade Teacher   541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Steve  Siders  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Tracy  Schmiedeberg  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Abigail  Mendez-Venegas  Paraprofessional    Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Angela  Wallin  Vice Principal  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Connie  Cisneros  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Georgia  O'Brien  English  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Jamie  Ongman  Principal  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Jeff  Salvati  Social Studies Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Jody  Beake  Math Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Jose  Barajas-Leon  Paraprofessional    Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Kathy  Eittreim  Assistant Cook    Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Kjerstin  Spark-Stahl  Social Studies Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Kristen  Masten  Secretary  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Kyle  Petrik  Physical Education/Health Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Laurie  Ross  Language Arts, CAD, Robotics Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Lorna  Wimmer  Cook    Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Mark  Ferrara  Science  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Meghan  Miller  Agriculture/FFA  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Mike  Johnson  Counselor  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Monica  Addington  Secretary  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Patricia  Malakar  Science Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Rafael  Hernandez  Business  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Seth  Matthews  Math Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Xochitl L.  Espinoza  Spanish and ELL Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Adriana  Torres  5th Grade Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Ann  Hernandez  3rd Grade Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Elisa  Huffman  4th Grade Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Erin  Flores  ELL Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Heidi  Hug  2nd Grade  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Jana  Dunlea  6th Grade Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Karri  Sanders  Secretary  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Kathi  Stotts  Kindergarten Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Kendall  Simpson  Physical Education Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Larita  Ongman  Principal  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Marlene  Hart  1st Grade Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Amy  Yancey  Bookkeeper    Mazama High   
Andy  Bracco  Assistant Principal/Curriculum Director  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Armando  Ojeda  Counselor    Mazama High   
Beau  Fullerton  Physical Education/Health Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Benji  Henslee  Buisness  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Brent  Hakanson  Strings- Orchestra  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Caresse  Robertson  Choir  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Cathy  Nevala  Art Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Clint  Radford  Science Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Crystal  Murphy  Special Education/BRIDGES Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Dan  Solyst  Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Dave  Myers  Math Teacher    Mazama High   
Deanna  Edwards  KCSD Child Care Center Supervisor    Mazama High   
Emma  Milstead  Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Erin  Castaneda  Librarian    Mazama High   
Ivan  Murphy  Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Jeff  Sturgeon  Construction/Metals/Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Jennifer  DeForrest  Language Arts/Theater Arts Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Jennifer   Ojeda  Spanish Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Jeremy  Throne  Chemstry/Advanced Science  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Jon  Johnson  Coordinator ASPIRE Program  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Joy  Lease  Learning Facilitator and Pathway Adviser  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Julie  Larman  Principal's Secretary  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Justin  Davidson  PE/Health  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Kaci  Mitchell  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Karen  Wynne  Athletic Secretary  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Kathleen  Todd  German/Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Kelly  Patzke  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Kristi  Sturgeon  Health/Alternative Education Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Laura  Estes  Social Studies/Reading Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Laura  Nickerson  Science Teacher/Webmaster  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Linda  Cooper  Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Lisa  Stringer  Language Arts/Video Production  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Mandy  Hewitt  Science  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Matt  Penrod  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Mike  Rooney  School Counselor  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Mike  Whalen  Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Molly  Bland  GOALS Teacher    Mazama High   
Paige  Denson  GOALS  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Patty  Rajnus  Bookkeeper/Secretary  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Polo  Flores  Head Custodian    Mazama High   
Rob  Izzett  Band Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Sarah  Bandfield  Language Arts/Yearbook  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Sarah  Ramsey  Child Care     Mazama High   
Sean  Wilcox  EL Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Sergio  Cisneros  Business Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Sharon  Henry  Spec Ed Structured/Intensive  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Shasta  Peterson  SRO- School Resource Officer    Mazama High   
Sheri  Kinnan  Registrar  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Stephanie  Harris  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Steve  Morosin  Principal  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Steve  Walker  Automotive Shop Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Steve  Woodwick  Science Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Todd  Nickerson  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Traci  Schmeck   Attendance Secretary    Mazama High   
Vic  Lease  Vice Principal/Athletic Director  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Vicki  Stork  Cook's Manager    Mazama High   
Ali  Minjares  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Angie  Hernandez  ELL Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Annette  Quinowski  Kindergarten Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Jan  Fairfield  6th Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Kendall  Simpson  Physical Education Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Laci  Teaters  1st Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Larita  Ongman  Principal  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Mike  Ross  4th Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Patricia  Beasly  2nd Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Richard  Cerri  3rd Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Sharon  Cosand  5th Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Terri   Robinette  Office Manager  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Amber   McDonald  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Ashley  Spivey  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Carly  Gordon  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Cassie  Beard  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Delia  Mendez  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Geralyn  Smith  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Hailey  Sargent  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Jaime  Zakour  Speech Language Pathologist  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Jeannie  Smith  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Jennifer   Witt  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Jerry  Thomas  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Joann  Staysa  Secretary  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Jolene  Sale  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Julie  Healy  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Korina  Pena  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Larry  Buck  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Laura  Campos  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Lisa  Beck  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Megan  Halousek  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Nicole  Pryor  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Renee  Criss  Vice Principal  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Ryan  Dean  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Sarah  Lockrem  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Sheena   Bergeron  EL Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Shelli  Comer       Peterson Elementary   
Stephanie  Hull  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Tammy  Mattos  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Theresa  Sweigert  Secretary  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Tim   Beck  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Tosha  Nanni  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Victoria  Porto  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Zack  Witt  PE Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Ashley  Higgins  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Ashley  Quinowski  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Baylee  Weaver  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Callie  Bissonnette  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Charoone  Clifford  Secretary  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Danielle   Plourde  1st Grade Teacher   541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Dena  Morosin  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Eleanor  Trygstad  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Katherine  Latasa  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Kathryn  Johnson  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Kendra  Rodgers  6th grade teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Kris   Collins   EL Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Laiken  Coulter  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Laura  Lokey  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Laurie  Greif  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Nicole  Chase  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Nicole  Scheidler  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Randy  Rose  Principal  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Rebecca  Cerrillo  SPED Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Rhonda  Tyler  Speech Language Pathologist  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Robert  Kayton  Band Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Ruben  Paschal  Vice Principal  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Sandy   Bailey  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Sarah  Rietdyk  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Sarah  Woodwick  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Shelley   Freirich  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Stacy   Johnson  3rd Grade teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Stacy   Wright   3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Tamara  Walker  6th grade teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Terri  Severson  Secretary  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Theresa  Ross  Physical Education Teacher   541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Tiffany  Poe  K-6 PE/Health  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Traci  Cerri  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Tyrann  DeVault  SPED Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Angela   Cain  Special Education / Resource Teacher  541-883-5058  Stearns Elementary   
Annette  Flecken  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Beth   Clark   Principal  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Brandon  Powell  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Brittany  Carr  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Brittni  Myhre  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Elizabeth  Watterberg  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Erin  Banks  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Greg  Murdock  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
James  Roemer  STEPS 1 Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Jamie  Hawkins  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Jemina  Armstrong  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Jennifer   Becker  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Judith  Neuman  Speech Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Kathy  Baker  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Leann  Meeds  Secretary  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Lesli  Jennings  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Lisa  Daly  EL Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Luis  Idrogo  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Marjon   Pare  Reading Support Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Melissa  Nixon  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Michelle  Schmidt  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Robert  Kayton  Band Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Tifanie  Chavez  Special Education / Resource Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Tori  Doddridge  Guidance Counselor  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   


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