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Dr Sara Johnson-Director of Assessment and Learning
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Play to Learn Nights

Round One
Feb. 6 Peterson Elementary
Feb.12 Stearns Elementary
Feb.13 Merrill Elementary
Feb.27 Gilchrist Elementary
March 3  Bonanza Elementary
March 5  Keno Elementary
March 10 Chiloquin Elementary
Round Two
April 2 Merrill Elementary
April 8 Stearns Elementary
April 21 Bonanza Elementary
April 23 Peterson Elementary
April 28 Keno Elementary
May 5 Chiloquin Elementary
May 12 Gilchrist Elementary

On these nights, each family will receive a Play2Learn kit which includes a tote bag, toys, and books. With these kits, families can take the learning home and continue to prepare their children for kindergarten.
Families with children preparing for kindergarten do not need to be within the attendance area to join in the fun. They are welcome at any of the Play2Learn night they wish to attend.

Families do not need to attend all of the Play2Learn nights.
They can attend those they choose.



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