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8205 Hwy. 39
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
Phone: 541-883-6699
Fax: 541-273-8763
Contact: Joe Tacchini
Email: tacchinij@kcsd.k12. . .

Features and Requirements of Our Middle School Program


Features and Benefits:

  • Accredited Course Work
  • Accredited Teachers
  • Educational Support
  • Annual State Assessment Testing
  • Instructional Guidance and Support


  • Students must enroll with the Klamath County School District and complete all required enrollment forms.
  • Students must attend Falcon Heights Academy a minimum of once per week.
  • Students must participate in all mandatory State Assessment testing.
  • Students must attend Falcon Heights Academy to complete any course tests.
  • Students must complete course work by the designated date.
  • Students and parents must be motivated and committed ot working independently at home.

To take a closer look at the curriculum we offer, please visit the following websites.

Aventa Learning (Accredited, fully online courses).

For an overview of Aventa Learning, click the link below.


For a closer look at the courses offered, click on the following link:

http://www.aventalearning.com/middleschoolcourses.html (Click on the course name to view the objectives of each course)

BYU Independent Study (Accredited, paper course offerings for students with limited Internet access).

For an overview of the BYU program, click the following link:


For a closer look at the courses offered through BYU, click the link below:






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