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7925 Highway 39
Klamath Falls, OR 97603
Phone: 541-883-5050
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Contact: Kristine Creed
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Exploratories and Electives

:  Students will explore performance skills through such activities as theatre games, role playing, improvisation, work on basic script units, and performance of scenes.  Students will also work on props, costumes and set design.

FOOD AND FAMILY:  Students will learn about the relationship between food and good health.  They will make foods that consider cost, time, and family appeal.  Students will be encouraged to earn some credit for his class in their own kitchen at home and share their skills with their families.

CREATIVE PROJECTS:  In Creative Projects students will choose individual projects from a variety of ideas.  Some of these might include latch hook, scrap booking, sewing small projects for the home, fabric photo frames, polar fleece snowbands, etc.

WORLD OF FOOD:  Students will try out some ethnic dishes and sample foods both familiar and new to them and expand their knowledge of the wide world of our food choices. 

ART STORIES/ANIMATION:  This class covers the evolution of animation through History from Paleolithic cave paintings to animated feature films.  Students will explore animation by constructing projects including a zoetrope, flipbook, and claymation figures.  We will be viewing and discussing historically significant animated feature films like Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) to present day animated films.

BOOK CLUB:  The class will read a book of the teacherís choice and have class discussion, use audio-visual aids, make projects and play games to better understand the content of the book.

CREATIVE WRITING:  The study and practice of poetry, short stories, journals, biographies, and drama.

POETRY:  Students will read, write and recite modern and classic poetry.  Students will learn about famous poets and enjoy these aspects of poetry. 

SCIENCE FICTION LITERATURE:  Students will explore the world of Science Fiction literature much like a book club.  The class will read books of the teacherís choice and have class discussions using audio-visual aids, make projects and play games related to science fiction.

JAZZ BAND:  This class provides instrumental music students the opportunity to learn to perform jazz literature in the jazz band ensemble setting.  Students will learn to interpret and play music in different jazz styles and perform for others.  Auditions are required.

YOU SOLVE IT:  A course in creative problem solving.  Students are asked to think and work together to construct catapults, parachutes, and towers of toothpicks and other interesting devices.

MATH COUNTS:  Students will work on developing and strengthening math skills related to grade level math standards using math games, online math game sites such as ixl.com and mathplayground.com.

ATHLETIC SKILL DEVELOPMENT:  This course is designed to develop strength, agility and balance.  Activities will include fitness and exercise, strengthening and conditioning to increase studentsí fitness levels.

ATHLETIC GAMES:  In this class students will participate in competitive games including pool, ping pong, dodgeball, volleyball, and others.  Sportsmanship and team playing will be emphasized.

GOLF:  Students will develop and demonstrate skills and knowledge of the game of golf.  They will learn the proper etiquette and safety factors involved.  The skills will be demonstrated in team play situations and at Shield Crest Golf Course.  A fee is charged for this course.

WRESTLING:  The fundamental techniques and skills will be taught to students who are interested in learning the art of wrestling.  Rules of the sport will also be emphasized through drill, practice, and application.

VOLLEYBALL/CONDITIONING:  Students will have the opportunity to improve and further develop their skills through games, drills, and competition.  Sportsmanship and team concepts will also be emphasized.

SOCCER:  Learn the fundamentals, rules, and techniques of soccer.  Soccer shoes and shin guards highly recommended.  If you do not have soccer shoes, a good pair of P.E. shoes will work.

FIT FOR LIFE:  Students will be expected to improve their physical conditioning by stretching, walking, jogging and playing active outdoor games (i.e. soccer, Frisbee, golf, kickball, etc.)  Grades will be determined on participation in daily physical exercise.  Students will need to report to class in P.E. uniform.

CROSS COUNTRY:  Students will learn the competitive sport of Cross Country running and long distance runnning.

INTRO TO ARCHERY:  This class will enable students to lern the fundamentals, skills, procedures and safe handling of equipment in archery.

OUTDOOR SURVIVAL & SAFETY:  Students will become familiarized with hunter safety.  This class is designed to increase student awareness of the dangers encountered in outdoor sports and prepare them to avoid or reduce these dangers.  Students will learn how to recognize hypothermia, heatstroke, frostbite, and safe use of equipment.  Boating Safety, conservation issues and ethical use of recreational sites will be covered.

SURVIVOR:   Students will learn orienteering skills, geography, math, critical thinking, decision making, self awareness, science, and spatial reasoning in relation to outdoor awareness and cooperation.  The class will focus on self-confidence, problem solving, team building and a love of the outdoors.

PET WORLD:  Students will learn the responsibilities of pet ownership and the care of different pets including dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, and birds.  Students will have first hand experience with different animals from guest speaker presentations and possible field trips.

EXPLORING TECHNOLOGY:  Students will learn multimedia techniques and produce a multimedia storybook, a videotaped information presentation, or do an advanced research project.  They will have the opportunity to use a digital camera, an advanced computer techniques and video equipment.

DESIGN TECH AND MODELING:  Students sketch and design models to solve scientific problems. 

INTRO TO TECHNOLOGY:  This introductory course is required for all 7th graders and will cover the basics of navigating and creating documents on the computer.

SCIENCE ELECTIVE:  This course allows students to gather and analyze scientific data taken from the outdoors.  Students will study populations, soils, water, and trees and learn to write a scientific report on their data.

CAREER EXPLORATION:  Students will discuss and explore career choices.  Guest speakers from various jobs will do presentations.  Students will do hands-on projects as well as be introduced to the Career Information System designed for them to discover their interests, strengths and potential career options.

REAL WORLD:  Students will learn what is needed to survive in the real world.  This hands-on class will practice filling out forms needed to get a job, a car, driverís license, a banking account, etc. They will also learn how to survive in school, with instruction on various study skills.

CLASSIC MOVIE/FILM HISTORY: A history of American film industry from Oscar Award Winning films of the 1940s to modern times. Students will study how modern technology has changed the art of film making.

YEARBOOK:  Students will be involved in designing the theme of the school yearbook, take pictures at school events and help with the yearbook layout.  (8th Graders ONLY)   


The class will cover the power of citizenship, the tools of academics, and the necessary skills to be a successful student and member of society so you can reach your full potential fo the future.  You will be able to achieve "above and beyond" what you thought were your abilitiesand learn the skills necessary for success as a person both in and out of the classroom.



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