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Graduation Requirements Policy

The Board will establish graduation requirements, which meet or exceed state standards. Those requirements will be published yearly for students and their parents/guardians.

A diploma will be awarded to each student who has satisfactorily completed all state and local requirements for units of credit and attendance.

Alternative certificates and diplomas are available for students who have demonstrated the inability to meet the full set of academic standards established by the State Board of Education for a diploma while receiving modifications and accommodations.

Graduation diplomas will not be granted to foreign exchange students. Foreign exchange students will be provided an honorary diploma at the end of the school year and they will receive special recognition for attendance from the school they attend in accordance with the procedures developed by the high school.

Seniors transferring into the Klamath County School District will be permitted to graduate if they meet the requirements of the school they transferred from if the Klamath County School District requirements cannot be met.

Graduation Exercises
Because the Board believes that completion of the requirements for a diploma from the public schools is an achievement that improves the community as well as the individual, the Board wishes to recognize that achievement in a publicly celebrated graduation exercise.
Accordingly, appropriate graduation programs will be planned by high school principals, on the date or dates selected by the Board.  
All students in good standing who have successfully completed the requirements for a senior high school diploma, a senior high school modified diploma, or are within one credit of earning a regular or modified diploma may participate in graduation ceremonies.
2013 Spring Graduation Date: May 31, 2013, 1 pm – 3 pm


Graduation Requirements
2013 2014 2015

Early Graduation Policy:

A student who wishes to graduate from high school in less time than the ordinary grade 9-12 sequence may request permission to complete graduation requirements on an altered schedule. The student and his/her parents/guardians will consult with high school guidance personnel to develop a graduation plan. Their intention to accomplish this plan will be stated in writing to the superintendent.
In order to pursue this opportunity, students shall state their intention in writing, accompanied by a written plan stating how the student proposes to meet the necessary requirements for early graduation to the superintendent no later than October 15 of their junior year. In the event that the October 15 date cannot be met, a letter of explanation outlining the circumstances that prevented complying with the October 15 deadline shall be sent to, and approved by, the superintendent.
A student may satisfy graduation requirements in less than four years. The district will award a diploma to a student fulfilling graduation requirements in less than four years upon the student’s request and if the student’s parent or guardian consents, if required.
Students who have successfully completed the junior year with fewer than the required credits for graduation and are then accepted at accredited colleges may receive their high school diploma if, at the completion of the first semester, they have successfully fulfilled the district’s minimum diploma requirements.

Senior Project Requirement
Senior Experience Schedule – all trips are scheduled during the morning session
First Semester             
            September, 28, 2012 – Klamath Community College
            November 2, 2012 – Kingsley Field
            November 16, 2012 – Sky Lakes Medical Center
            December 14, 2012 – Klamath Falls City Police Department
Second Semester (tentatively)
            January – Fred Meyer
            February – College of Cosmetology
            March – Oregon Institute of Technology
            April – Jeld-Wen



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