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Pass/Fail Policy

District students (grades 9-12) have the option to receive a Pass/Fail for up to one elective credit per year. A student could accumulate a total of four credits of Pass/Fail during his/her four years of high school.
need as a required class and wishes to take as an elective class.
  1. The Pass/Fail applies to elective classes only, or to a class, which the student does not
  2. Pass/Fail will be given for semester grades only.
  3. A Pass/Fail may affect the cumulative grade point average (GPA).
  4. Students opting for the Pass/Fail must make their requests known in writing to a   counselor as soon as possible, but not later than four weeks before the end of the semester. The request must be signed by the studentís parent/guardian, teacher, counselor and principal in order to be implemented. The final determination will be made by the principal. Once the Pass/Fail form has been completed and approved, the decision is irreversible.
  5. For students to receive or be eligible for Pass/Fail, they must have:
    1. Demonstrated appropriate attendance;
    2. Demonstrated appropriate citizenship; and
    3. Demonstrated appropriate efforts in achieving the course objective.
Secondary Students Retaking Classes for Credit
  • Students who fail state or district requirements must take these classes again and receive a passing grade.
  • Students who fail elective classes may choose to take the class over.
  • Students who receive a low grade in a class may choose to take the class over for their own benefit for elective credit.
  • Students who take classes over will have the failing grade or low grade removed from their transcript.


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