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P.O. Box 668
201 Mountain View Drive
Gilchrist , OR 97737
Phone: 541-433-2295
Fax: 541-433-2688
Contact: Steve Prock
Email: procks@kcsd.k12.or. . .
Hours: 7:30 am to 4 pm

High School and Junior High Classes:

Mrs Elizabeth Ellington (Pannel) will be teaching Marketing, Economics, Business Law, Introduction to Business, Senior Seminar, and Law & Justice.
Mrs Ellington will also be our 8th, 10th, and 12 grade Language Arts teacher.
Health and Physical Education

Health and Phy. Ed. will be taught by Mrs. Amberlee Solito
Health 1  9th Grade and Health 2 10th Grade. 
Course Overview: Health includes instruction in the areas of safe living, stress/stress management, physical fitness, and nutrition and will assist students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to develop appropriate safe-living, stress/risk taking, physical fitness and nutritional behaviors.
Physical Education 1 9th Grade and Physical Education 2 10th grade. 
Course Overview: P.E. is designed to provide students with the opportunity for continued growth and development in the areas of efficiency and expressiveness of movement, understanding of regular practice of positive fitness behaviors and the practice of appropriate self-management and social behaviors through participation in movement activites. Basic movement skills, exercise routines, individual  and team activities will be incorporated into the course. In P.E. 2 fitness programs, individual and team sport activities and lifetime reacreational activities will be utilized.
Weightlifting Grades 9th to 12th.
Course Overview: Weightlifting is designed to provide students with the opportunity to get bigger, stronger, and faster. Proper lifting technique, and safety will be incorporated into the course.

Language Arts

7th grade English by Mrs. Fettinger:  Middle School English focuses on increased knowledge in the fields of comprehension, literacy devices, vocabulary, and fluency.   Students will learn to write papers in a variety of modes such as expository, narrative, and persuasive.  The curriculum is aligned with the Oregon State Standards. 
Eng. I  by Mrs Fettinger   English I students will read a wide variety of informational and narrative texts across subject areas, learning to apply comprehension strategies as needed.  They will focus on increasing word knowledge through systematic vocabulary development using word origins, word relationships, and context clues.    Students will pre-write, draft, revise, edit, and publish papers in different genres and learn to speak to an audience.
The curriculum is aligned with the Oregon State Standards.

English II by Mrs Ellington
The Sophomore English course continues to work on skills such as spelling, vocabulary, reading, and writing.  Students in this class read and analyze various short stories and other pieces, using standard literary terms.  As part of the New Graduation Requirements they will take the State Reading test.  This class writes journals and the required samples in the expository, narrative, and persuasive modes.  The State Writing Assessment is another requirement.  Informative, persuasive, or unrehearsed speaking samples will also be presented.

English III by Mrs. Fettinger 
The regular English III curriculum is American Literature, and the usual curriculum for English IV covers the origins of British Literature and its connection to American Literature.  This year the class will start with material from the Classical Period (Greek and Roman pieces) and proceed chronologically through history.  Next year we will go back to American Literature.
In addition to the above literature, we will still work on spelling, vocabulary, and writing.  Students may have to take the State Reading and Writing Assessments, and complete writing and speaking samples for the New Graduation Requirements.

English IV by Mrs. Ellington
This course spans two years and is designed to cover topics and skills that will help prepare students for college.  We employ a chronological and historical approach to literature.  At the end of the two years students will have covered from Greek and Roman Literature up to Shakespeare.  Occasionally we go beyond this to the origins of the modern novel.
Regular English skills such as writing, spelling, and vocabulary are also emphasized.  Students may work on the New Graduation Requirements if they have not been met already.  The class may spend some time on college entrance exams, admission applications, and scholarship essays.

Writing 121 By Mrs. Fettinger  


7th and 8th Grade Math
Mrs Fettinger is teaching 7th, and 8th Grade Math classes this year.
High School Math
Mr. Harris is teaching Integrated Algebra 1 (Year 1 & 2), Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Math 111/112 (college algebra and trigonometry, and Math 251 (Calculus)

Integrated Algebra 1 (course 1)  This class was created to help those students who did not achieve the 8th grade benchmark. By mastering the topics covered on the State Knowledge Exam for the 8th Grade Standards, the students will have a much better chance at reaching the 10th grade State Standards Exam goals. Calculators are provided and homework is turned in by the end of class. This class will be using the same text book at our Algebra 1 class. The main difference will be a slower pace. The level of difficulty and the topics will be equal to our Alegebra 1 course.

Algebra 1  Our Algebra 1 class will cover topics such as variables, equations, functions, lines, inequalities, systems, polynomials, factoring, quadratics, statistics and probability. Emphasis will be put on the Oregon Math Standards in preparation for their Mathematics Knowledge State Exam.
Each student will need a scientific calculator (like the TI-30). The students should expect to have about 40 minutes of homework each day, with some class time given to get a start on each assignment. Algebra 1 is a pre-requisite for Geometry and Algebra 2. "

A focus on the State Standards will be part of this class. Students will need a ruler and protractor at home to do homework and a scientific calculator (TI-30) as well.

Algebra 2
Now that our students must earn 3 years of mathematics credits to graduate starting with Algebra 1, our Algebra 2 class has become required for most students.

 Math 111 (College Algebra) & Math 112 (Trigonometry)
This class is taught as a college prep. elective to prepare students who plan to go into the techical, scientific, or engineering fields. The goal of the class is to prepare the students for earning credit in a college setting. Offered as part of this class is College Credit from KCC. The student who earn an A or a B will receive 5 college credits for Math 111 and 4 college credits for Math 112. These 9 credits are transferable to any college or university. This program called "Dual Credit" because they also still earn their Advanced Math credits in high school, is free for our students. 


Our Science teacher is Ms Whittle. 


Length of Course: Year  Grades: 7     Credit Area: Science 
Prerequisite: completion of 6th grade
Life Science is a course oriented on the study of living organisms and their environment.  Topics of study will include the scientific method, characteristics of living things, homeostasis, cell biology, heredity, evolutionary mechanisms, diversity of life, and plant biology.

Length of Course: Year  Grades: 8    Credit Area: Science
Prerequisite: completion of 7th grade
Earth Science is a course oriented on the study of the physical structures and processes of our living planet.  Topics of study will be the scientific method, rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes, freshwater systems, and a brief introduction to astronomy.

Length of Course: Year  Grades: 9    Credit Area: Science
Prerequisite: completion of 8th grade
Physical Science is a course oriented on the introduction of topics included in Chemistry and Physics.  Topics will include the scientific method, introduction to matter, Newton’s Laws, fluids and pressure, the atomic theory, periodic law, and a brief introduction to chemical reactions. 

Length of Course: Year   Grades: 10     Credit Area: Science
Prerequisite: Physical Science (or teacher consent)
Biology is a college preparatory, laboratory oriented science course about living things and their relationship to man. The course centers around the structure and function of living organisms. Topics include the scientific method, cell biology, plant biology, heredity, evolutionary theory, diversity of organisms, and ecology.

Length of Course: Year   Grades: 10-12    Credit Area: Science
Prerequisite: Algebra, Biology
The purpose of this course is to increase the student’s knowledge and understanding of chemistry topics including: chemistry as an experimental science, the properties of matter, the language of chemistry, atomic structure, predicting chemical properties, chemical bonding, kinetic energy of matter, properties of solutions, chemical reactions and other selected topics. Chemistry is a laboratory oriented course for students with a strong interest in science.

Length of Course: Year    Grades: 11-12       (preferred but not required)     Credit Area: Science
Prerequisite: Biology and Chemistry (preferred but not required)
Field Biology is a course designed for students who have a special interest in the biology of plants and animals in our local areas as well as statewide. Specific areas of study will include studies of local fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Ecology of Central Oregon and the Klamath Basin will also be discussed. Students will also learn to use keys for the identification of both plants and animals. This course will be taught by a lecture/discussion method with as much field experience as possible to supplement unit work. Several projects involving “in the field” studies will be required. Several field trips will be planned to tie together class work and practical experience.

Social Studies

Mrs. Darla Brandon

World History
World History is a yearlong study of the earliest civilizations worldwide and continues to examine major developments and themes in all regions of the world up to present day. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, critical thinking skills, historical writing, and interpretation of original documents.  This class is primarily offered to sophomores and is a graduation requirement.
U.S. History
U.S. History is a yearlong survey of American history from reconstruction period to the present. Students will develop extensive knowledge of the major events of our countries history including political, cultural, and economic topics.  Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, critical thinking skills, historical writing, and interpretation of original documents. This class is primarily offered to juniors and is a graduation requirement.
Early American History
American History is a yearlong study from the Pre-colonial period to the Civil War/Reconstruction period. Students will develop extensive knowledge of the major events of our countries history including political, cultural, and economic topics.   Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, critical thinking skills, historical writing, and interpretation of original documents. This class is a middle school class and offered to 8th grade students.
American Government
American Government is a full year study of the structures, processes and issues of national, state and local government. The course gives emphasis to the responsibilities and rights of citizenship, the skills necessary for critical thinking, and the knowledge appropriate for wise decision making. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, critical thinking skills, historical writing, and interpretation of original documents. This class is offered to seniors and is a graduation requirement.
The Careers course is designed to help students explore possible career options. The course will help students identify their interests, needs and skills in order to recognize the many components that go into making career decisions. Emphasis will also be placed on preparing for college and post-graduation responsibilities. Students are expected to participate in class through discussions, debates of key issues, simulations, and projects. This class is offered to seniors and is a graduation requirement.


Spanish will be taught this year by Mrs. Karenlynn Lessard

Spanish I is a beginning foreign language class.  Students will learn a variety of vocabulary and use it in simple conversational situations. There is a lot of oral practice in this course.  It is extremely important for students to practice and review outside of class as well.
We will also cover geography in relation to the Spanish-speaking countries.  In addition we will touch on some of the unique aspects of culture in these areas.
Students select and use a Spanish first name.  Daily requirements are to bring a pencil, three ring binder, paper, and a novel or other homework.

Spanish II
This course is a continuation of Spanish I.  We spend the first few weeks reviewing material from the first year class.  Students are expected to be able to progress from there and add  new concepts, but still be able to use the old material as well.  Less English will be used in instruction and ideally by students as well.


Our Technology classes are being taught by Brian Wachs.


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