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Recent Activities

The 4th-6th grade TAG classes at Peterson recently dissected steelhead as part of their fisheries and watersheds unit. The 6th graders not only dissected their own fish in the morning, but helped Mrs. Woodman's 1st/2nd grade class dissect fish in the afternoon.  They were feeling like experts by the second time around!  On Monday, April 26, the 1st-3rd grade class watched and worked with Mrs. Hull's 5th graders to dissect fish as well.


The week of May 3-6 will be a special one for students attending TAG classes at Peterson.  Monday's 1st-3rd grade class will have a special visitor, Liz Diver of Badger Run Wildlife Rehab, who will bring some of her birds and talk to students about her work and the lives of birds of prey.

The 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes will each take a field trip on May 4,5, & 6, respectively, as part of their studies about watersheds.  Their goal will be to sample and compare the water chemistry and aquatic invertebrates at both Hagelstein Park springs and the south end of Klamath Lake, learning sampling techniques and to identify aquatic organisms.


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