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Kjerstin Spark-Stahl
Social Studies Teacher

Kjerstin Spark-Stahl, Social Studies teacher


Educational Experience: 

Western Washington University: I majored in History with minors in Social Studies and Latin. I graduated in 2007.

University of Oregon:
I received my Masters in Teaching in 2008.

Ashland University/Georgetown University: I received a Masters in American History and Government in 2019.


Teaching Experience: 

Brixner: Social studies for 2008-2010
Lost River: Social studies since 2010


Why I teach:

I have several long-winded answers. Firstly, it's in my blood. My grandmother, mother, all three aunts, various cousins, and everything in between have been educators in some capacity. I grew up in a teaching household, and my mom pressed me into teaching my peers during my 4H years because she saw I had an aptitude for it.

I also teach because I love history, and I want to pass my love of history onto my students. My number one goal in teaching is that when students leave my classroom, they don't hate history.

More about me:

I'm from Albany, Oregon. I have a really small family, and two adorable cats named Tiko and Rai. Rai was rescued in 2018 in the woodpile by the shop building, hence the name Rai, short for Raider. I love knitting, writing, and reading.

Address & Contact Information
Phone: 541-798-5666
E-mail address: 


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