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Katey Limb

Katey Limb, Health and PE Teacher

Educational Experience: 
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology (Science degree) from the University of Nevada Reno and I am finishing up my MAT from Western Oregon University – I graduated from KU.

Teaching Experience: 
 I have 2 years sub experience, 2 years of Health/PE experience, this being my 3rd, and 2 years of experience working in special education.

Why I teach:
I teach because I am extremely passionate about Health and Fitness – It literally saved my life. I had a stroke when I was 14 years old and was ill for months following. My Health and Weights teacher (at the time) took time out of her day to educate me on what I could do to regain my Health and strength. She stayed after school every day to open the weight room for me and also educated me on good nutrition. I was able to train and become stronger and healthier than I was before I got sick. I started to really enjoy Health and fitness and continued to get stronger and stronger and that is where my love for weightlifting came from. I want to be able to positively influence and set good examples for my students the way that my teacher did for me.

More about me:
In my free time, I am a competitive Weightlifter and I enjoy doing CrossFit. I have a one year old daughter, Evelyn, and my husband owns a gym in Klamath.
Address & Contact Information
Phone: 541-885-3361


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